Partnered with Sacramento Municipal Utilities District  the Emerson team worked closely with our subcontractors for this project. Constructing two concrete weirs to help measure the flows of Rubicon river and Silver creek near the Ice house. This presented us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate our ability to work in difficult conditions. During construction of the weir on the Rubicon River access was rather straight forward, however scheduling became difficult due to the long haul for materials such as aggregate and concrete. The weir on Silver Creek was challenging in all aspects all tools and materials were flown in by helicopter and the crews had to walk 1/4 mile on a trail to access the site. Being so remote was not a problem, river rock was cut and broke out to ensure the weir was well keyed into the bed rock, boulders were moved using cable jacks and pry bars to ensure that the finish product was of the highest quality. Implementing our helicopter safety plan and training made it quick and easy to fly in all concrete from a designated area and give the proper signals to the pilot.

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The Emerson team began resurfacing the Support facility at the Helms Powerhouse located at Wishon Reservoir. The project includes grinding of the existing asphalt, regrading for drainage, re compaction and resurfacing the area. A 3″

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